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  • How do I get my units to the warehouse?
    There are many options to make it the most smooth logistical experience. Some of the examples are, thru the main mail carriers, any local trucking thru LTL, we can become you ship to address so customers can ship directly to us or the most popular option is to make our warehouse address the ship to for your automatic removals from FBA
  • What type of items do you service?
    In our warehouse we have a joke, name any 5 random items and we will probably have 4 out of the 5 in the building. Over the last few years, we have received every type of item you can imagine giving our testing technicians experience to understand exactly what each type of item needs in order to be rightfully inspected. So to answer the question, we can service everything!
  • What happens if an item is deemed broken and unsellable?
    We have an amazing team of qualified experienced technicians who can fix almost anything. Once an item is deemed unsellable it will be handed over to the refurbishing dept and go thru the process and getting that item back to sellable. Whether its soldering the medal back together or fixing a fuse in a speaker or fixing a crack in a glass. These are some of the examples that they handle on a daily basis.
  • How do I know what you sold for me and what I will be Earning?
    Every single month we run a report for the previous month with a breakdown of all your skus and send to you. This report is extremely detailed and breaks down how many sold, what is sold for, what shipping costs etc were applied. In addition, it will show what your net payout is for that particular month.
  • What if I have custom requests or need to reach out?
    Every new signup gets a designated rep who will handle everything that applies to their needs. No matter if it’s a custom request or if you just want a status on your items or if you just want to say hi. This one person if your go to this way you don’t need to communicate with different people and different teams.
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